Let’s keep it simple. Basically, when you leave a vehicle, you keep it for a predetermined period of time, while paying a monthly fee for your vehicle. You do not technically own it; you are borrowing or renting it. The application process is easy to complete. Fill out the online application, submit it through our system, and you will receive a reply within a few days. Upon approval, we review our procedures, and you sign the paperwork. Then, we deliver the vehicle to your location.

When a client decides to lease an auto, they keep it for years and not just a few days or weeks, like you would with a rental. Upon returning the vehicle, it will go through the same inspection process a rental car would to determine if any damage has been done to the vehicle. Some people also compare loan payments to the monthly lease payments. And yes, they are similar, except with a loan, you are also stuck paying for the interest rate and associated fees. When you lease a vehicle, you simply pay for the depreciation value. Allow us to explain more below.

Car Leasing Rates

When we calculate the average monthly car leasing rate, we base it solely on your selected car’s depreciation value. If the vehicle loses value rapidly over time, then you can expect the rate to be more than a vehicle that loses its value less rapidly. We provide you with this information because then you will be able to determine the approximate leasing rate you will be responsible for each month. It is always good information to understand when setting your monthly budget for your auto lease.

One more item to account for is that when you determine your auto leasing rate, you must also include the total for any customization package you may select for your vehicle. The price of the trim package will be divided over the length of your auto lease instead of as an upfront fee. For more details on our current trim packages, let a sales agent know and they can supply you with all of the details you need. At Car Lease Long Island City, we work with our customers to help them find an automobile to meet their needs. If you would like to receive more information, call us today!

Auto Leasing Terms

Our auto leasing business strives to deliver the best in customer service. Not only is it important that our clients receive the attention they need because it is our responsibility, but also when they realize we will go the distance, they feel appreciated. As such, our auto leasing service is dedicated to being transparent when discussing our auto leasing terms. The terms we develop are tailored to the needs of each client. However, it is understood that our clients are not to violate our terms and if there should ever be an issue, they should reach out immediately for assistance. We will work in conjunction with you to reach a resolution.

When selecting a company to lease your auto from, it is crucial to lease a car with an auto leasing company that is willing to work with you and offers competitive car leasing rate plans. To obtain more information on our auto leasing terms and how you can get started on the leasing process, then give one of our agents a call at Car Lease Long Island City by calling us at (516)-450-3214.