Here in the Long Island City vicinity, you definitely have several options for auto leasing. Yes, those companies are similar to ours. However, there are several differences between a traditional leasing company and Car Lease Long Island City. We do not work out of a brick and mortar location, whereas they do. Instead, we present to you a modern leasing service with our specially designed online leasing platform. We proficiently operate our service without paying for substantial overhead expense fees.

You can look through our large online vehicle inventory without leaving the comfort of your home. It definitely beats the need to drive from dealership to dealership! We do our best to deliver the economical auto leasing rates to our clients and will work with them to develop an appropriate financial schedule. We would never take advantage of our clients because we want them to come back! Additionally, each auto lease contract is always tailored to accommodate for our clients’ needs.

If you are ready to receive more details, feel free to reach out to us during normal business hour to speak with a customer service representative. Our professional sales’ agents are here to assist you. Give us a call at (516)-450-3214. If you prefer, we can also be reached by email. Feel free to email us your questions and an agent will be in contact with you soon!

Choosing a Car

Before selecting a vehicle make sure to look through all of our available vehicles. Compare different brands that have similar features. Take your time! Set an appointment to go see the vehicle and take it for a test drive it. Another thing to consider before you select the vehicle you would like to lease is how it will fit into your budget. Not every client is as concerned, but the following information is good to factor in when you are looking to lease an auto.

Basically, when you lease a car and make payments on it, you are responsible for the depreciation value of the vehicle. If you decide to upgrade your car with any added features, such as a trim package, then you have to include that into the total. The depreciation value is based on how rapidly your vehicle loses its worth over time. Obviously, the better a vehicle retains its value, the lower your monthly rate will cost. When you have figured out the depreciation value, you will take the total amount and spread it across the length of your lease. This will give you the monthly auto lease rate for different vehicles. If you need assistance determining the rate plans prior to choosing your car, then give us a call. One of our highly trained auto leasing representatives will be able to assist you.

Contact Us for Information

Our car leasing service strives to provide exceptional service and competitive auto leasing rates. For more information, feel free to contact us and speak with a professional for all your car leasing needs. Car Lease Long Island City is in the business of providing high quality customer service to our clients. To receive more details on our popular vehicles, economical leasing rates, and application process, please reach out to us by calling (516)-450-3214. Give us a call today!